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We want the performance community to "feature" themselves...

Performers may be the Performer of the Month.
Venues may be the Venue of the Month.
Vendors providing equipment or services for performers may be the Vendor of the Month.

First, you need to be a FREE REGISTERED member as a Performer, Venue or Vendor. Then click SUBSCRIBE to purchase the particular feature (local = $9.99/mo, state = $29.99/mo, or nation homepage = $99.99/mo). Once the subscription is received, you will be contacted by email for image and URL details, or we will capture an image from your website/Facebook and link it to which ever is more active.

You will only be charged for ONE month and remain that feature of the month FREE of charge for any additional months until someone else requests that spot!

You may also access SUBSCRIPTIONS by clicking on Settings at the very top of the page after you are logged in as a registered user. You will see the Paid Subscriptions option on the left side.

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